Saturday, September 10, 2011

Opportunistic Explorations With a Dog in Yuli

Not only do I enjoy exploring but I also enjoy finding new ways to explore that may open me up to things I may have not otherwise discovered.  For an example, I'll share an experience of mine from last week in the small town of Yuli in Southeast Taiwan.

While I waited for my laundry to dry outside this convenience store:

convenience store with laundry machines outside in Yuli, Taiwan

I walked to this nearby park which had a kiddie play area similar to the one I saw in Qibao, Shanghai:

small park in Yuli, Taiwan

As seen in the photo, there was a dog roaming around in the park.  The dog seemed friendly although it wouldn't let me near enough to pet it.  At some point, I sensed that the dog was interested in hanging out.  The dog ran ahead as I began to walk away so I decided I'd follow it:

dog walking down road with palm trees on the side

And follow it:

dog walking down road in Yuli, Taiwan

And follow it:

dog walking down road next to rice paddy field in Yuli, Taiwan

And follow it:

dog walking on grass near some apparently abandoned building in Yuli, Taiwan

And follow it:

dog walking next to rice paddy field near a church in Yuli, Taiwan

The dog brought me to some places in the more rural side of Yuli that I likely wouldn't have seen otherwise.  I was particularly intrigued by finding a church in this area (there was also a Buddhist temple nearby).

This is of course a light example and I don't typically follow dogs around towns, but it highlights some aspects of how I explore the world around me.  For some types of discovery, there are advantages in being semi-random and opportunistic.  It can be amazing what you'll find, even when you're in an area you think you know.

Finally, the dog was kind enough to even escort me back to pick up my laundry (minus some breaks the dog took to jump into rice fields filled with water).  Outside the store I also came across this cat:

However, the cat didn't appear to be interested in taking me on any further explorations at the time...


  1. Got to laugh at this one Brian. We didn't domesticate dogs, they decided to adopt us instead.

    As usual, great photos.

  2. I certainly appreciated the dog "adopting" me for part of that day. Good dog... (and good guide)

  3. So cool! I spent a year in Yuli, and came across this post while searching for some pictures of the town. There are actually many many churches in this area, and in the areas with higher aboriginal Taiwanese populations. Were you just passing through, or did you live there?

    1. I was visiting for the second time. The first time was years ago. I have a friend there who is half aboriginal Taiwanese and is also Christian. So I saw more of the local Christian and aboriginal cultures. I also had my first milk hotpot around there.

      Someday, I should post more of my photos from there. Happy you came across this post! Yuli is not a common destination in Taiwan...