Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Virtuously in a Mass of Mass

After departing Qingdao, I headed to the city where I would spend today's Dragon Boat Festival holiday. When I arrived at Beijing South Railway Station, one of the first things I noticed was the chipped paint on the ceiling.

This looks like a sea of serenity in comparison to my memory of the crowd around me at the moment I took the photo.

I was immediately reminded of the similarly chipped paint I've seen on walls inside a number of newer university buildings I have visited in China. However, I failed to ponder the connection more deeply due to my survival instincts kicking into gear while I was in the midst of a large crowd of people who seemed to be attempting to get on an escalator all at once.

As I made my way from the station, the statement "Beijing is a mass of mass" bubbled into my consciousness. To better appreciate what may have inspired such a deep / meaningless thought, Qingdao, a city of over 8 million, now felt like a quaint small city to me.

But regardless of its mass, it was exciting to be back in China's capital, and I tried to get into what Beijing now claims to be its spirit.

How can you go wrong with Patriotism, Innovation, um.... aha... Inclusiveness, and Virtue?

By "tried" I mean I took a photo of one of the many signs with the Beijing spirit slogan.

More about Beijing later. But if you're now pining for a bit of holiday spirit, then you can see my Dragon Boat Festival post from two years ago with scenes from a temple and two parks in Chengdu, Sichuan province, here.

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