Sunday, June 23, 2013

Non-KFC Chicken for Breakfast in Beijing

Years ago KFC in China had a shrimp & egg breakfast burrito on their morning menu. I ordered it on occasion and found it surprisingly decent for fast food fare. However, one day I discovered KFC was no longer serving it.

It had been a long time since I last had a KFC breakfast, so today I stopped by one of their branches in Beijing curious to see what was now available. I wasn't inspired by the selection, but I ordered a small meat sandwich. The menu didn't specify what type of meat. In China that usually means it will be pork--or at least something which could pass as pork. The small sausage puck was in a roll with a limp piece of lettuce and a red sauce with a funky taste. After a few bites I was convinced it wasn't my thing and put it down.

So as I left KFC with my leaking cup of coffee, I wondered where else I could find some sustenance. No Macanese restaurants were nearby, so I assumed a squid ink hot dog wasn't a possibility. However, one of Beijing's many small food stalls was near the KFC and caught my attention.

If you can't find the Golden Arches, maybe you can find the Golden Arch.

After confirming that one tray on display included fillets of chicken, I felt a wave of hope (or maybe it was the coffee dripping).

Not Colonel Sanders

I'm not going to try giving it a name in English, but what I ordered was chicken in a folded round egg-bread (or egg-pancake if you prefer) with crispy lettuce and some sauce. Altogether it was much heftier than the KFC sandwich and about the same price (a little less than one US dollar).

And... it was tasty.

So, I have to give the "Beijing Breakfast" food stall the win today.

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