Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Street Market at Caishi 2nd Road in Qingdao

Close to Qingdao's Taidong Pedestrian Street and across from the Walmart there is Caishi 2nd Road (菜市二路). In the afternoon vendors set up stalls in the street and remain open into the night. The market is dense and many of the goods for sale target younger shoppers. There is not a sign like at Taidong Pedestrian Street claiming it to be "world famous", but it is an equally fascinating slice of China's retail & shopping culture. For a small taste of what you can find there, here are a few photos from my visit one recent afternoon.

Street market at Caishi 2nd Road

young woman looking at various mobile phone cases

shoppers at the street market

painting by numbers kits for sale at a street market

shirt for sale with the words "The Pretend is Near"

Converse All Star sign at a street market

pocketbooks for sale on top of a car at a street market

young woman wearing a hat with stuffed fake antlers

man with shirt lifted over his stomach grilling meat

Abercrombie & Fitch clothes for sale on top of a car

young woman look at items at a street market

woman talking on phone next to colorful bows for sale

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