Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Another Street Somewhere in Asia

A number of recent posts related to my experiences in Ho Chi Minh City and more are on the way. However, I am no longer there. So here is a scene from where I landed after flying out of Vietnam:

multi-laned street with cars

And now it's time for an old game. Can you identify the city (bonus points if you can identify the street)? There are a number of clues in the photo.

I will likely be traveling quite a bit during coming weeks. I'm especially curious to see what it's like for me to experience the culture at my next destination. I expect it will be quite a change of pace from both Ho Chi Minh City and the city seen above. More soon...


  1. It's definitely Tainan, but I can't figure out what street it is, even by googling the famous noodle shop on the right. I suspect I used to live right around the corner though.

    Any way to post higher res images? Picasa doesn't really let me zoom in on this to the point where I can read the small print.

    1. And now I am regretting not stopping by the Tainan (台南) noodle shop. Tainan is one of my favorite places for food. You're lucky to have had the chance to live there.

      I'll refrain from posting a higher res image to avoid making it too easy for those who can read Chinese, but it's not Tainan. The Tainan restaurant might provide another clue though.

    2. Crap! I just noticed the mountains in the background. Oh well. I'll shut up now.

    3. I figured you would eventually notice the mountain. Another useful clue...