Monday, September 30, 2013

The News That Matters in Macau

The gambling industry's large presence in Macau is unmistakable. So I was not greatly surprised by the choice of the Macau Daily Times for its front page headline several days ago:

copy of Macau Daily Times with the headline "Gaming consultant advises "post-Olympics" casinos in Japan"

As reported in Bloomberg, Japan being awarded the 2020 Olympics has:
... fueled speculation Japan will approve casino gambling since the development would add hotel capacity and entertainment venues that could be used during the games.
However, the online version of the Macau Daily Times article with the above red headline reports the suggestions made by Takashi Kiso, "CEO of International Casino Institute and consultant to the Japanese government on gaming". He thinks Japan should wait until after it hosts the 2020 Olympics before developing casinos because:
Japan would need resources and large numbers of construction workers over a short time span [for the Olympics], and building the [integrated casino resorts] with the aim of opening at that point would mean competition for those resources and potential duplication of infrastructure.
If eventual approval for the casinos is likely, many in Macau may have other reasons to support Kiso's recommendation and would welcome any delays. Casinos in Japan could possibly attract gamblers who would otherwise spend their time (money) in Macau. Of course, owners of Macau's casinos who desire to open other casinos in Japan would have a different perspective.

The decision is in Japan's hands, but Macau is watching.

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