Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine's Day Scenes in Hong Kong

Yesterday was not only the last day of the Lunar New Year celebrations, it was also Valentine's Day. Hours after visiting the Kwun Yum Temple, I stopped by Hong Kong's Harbour City Mall which had decorations incorporating both holidays. For a small taste of Valentine's Day, holiday fusion, and the entrepreneurial spirit in Hong Kong, below are Friday evening scenes in an area reaching from a mall entrance to the nearby Star Ferry Pier at Tsim Sha Tsui. The pink lanterns were one of the fusion decorations. See if you can spot at least one other. Some of the sights, such as musical performances and people taking selfies with iconic Hong Kong skyscrapers in the background, could be seen on many other days, but the less common Valentine's Day spirit was unmistakable.

pink lanterns combining the Lunar New Year and Valentine's Day holidays
Over 500 pink and purple lanterns

young couple taking a Valentine's Day selfie
Many were taking Valentine's Day selfies under the lanterns

parents taking a photo of a little girl
Plenty of posing kids

to young women inquiring about purchasing colored flowers which light up
Deciding whether to buy more Valentine's Day items

people selling balloon animals
Enthusiastic ballon sellers

two girls posing for a photo next to a heart balloon sculpture
Posing with a Valentine's Day ballon sculpture for a price

pink Chinese lanterns
More lanterns

two young men laughing while selling balloons
Ballon sellers enjoying themselves

couples taking selfies with the Hong Kong Island skyline in the background
Relatively decent air for a nighttime photo including Hong Kong Island

costumed young woman making large bubbles
One bubble-wand seller repeatedly yelled "Only tonight!"

people selling balloons
More balloons for sale

young man wearing carnival mask selling signs reading 'I miss you' and 'No.1 boy friend'
Masked man selling Valentine's Day flowers and signs

music group performing in front of the Star Ferry Pier
One of the musical performances in the area

young couple holding 'I love you' balloons posing for a photo while a clown watches
Posing with a bunch of balloons before purchasing one from a clown

Finally, although many sellers in the area were targeting couples out for Valentine's Day, some people were trying to give a bit of cheer to everyone for free.

high school girls excitedly holding signs reading 'Hug Me' and "free hugz'
Very outgoing high school students

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