Tuesday, April 1, 2014

An Escape From Four Boys With Guns In China

Before moving to China, I lived in one of the more dangerous cities in the U.S., Baltimore, for about 10 years. During those years, I walked through some of Baltimore's most crime-ridden neighborhoods and had experiences that left even police amazed. Yet never in a country where some people complain there are too many guns did I have an experience like I recently did in Maoming, China.

four Chinese boys holding toy guns

Four boys. Four loaded guns. One obvious target.

I could only wish I was safely back in Baltimore.

It would come as no shock to some that the boys spared my life because they were too busy with their studies and training to have any fun. Instead, they just wanted to practice their English--clearly looking forward to a day when they will march across American cities such as Baltimore. They are an example of the threat the U.S. faces from a country determined to prosper at all costs. I have already covered these issues in detail, so for more see the post "Will Amy Chua's 'Tiger Mother' Methods Create a New World Order?" I wrote while guest blogging for James Fallows and the even more spine-chilling post "Existential Threat Posed to U.S. by Chinese Tiger Mothers' Continued Relentless Training of Children".

I feel fortunate I made it out of Maoming physically unharmed. I might not be so lucky next time. And as the boys let me know as I walked away, time is not on my side.

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