Friday, June 6, 2014

Cars and Bikes Instead of Boats in an Hengyang Alley

Today, I walked down a much drier Yudetang alley in Hengyang. It was flooded several days ago, but where I had seen a boat before ...

boat on flooded street

I saw a young student walking by some cars.

young student walking down an alley

And instead of a submerged vehicle ...

vehicle submerged in water

I saw a woman with her bicycle.

various people doing what they're doing

At least one older woman I passed recognized me from my previous visit, and she spiritedly greeted me. I didn't get to take any raft rides this time, but I did get to walk through a narrow portion of the alley I hadn't seen before.

narrow alley

Yesterday, I returned to the pedestrian area next to the Xiang River which I have seen both flooded and dry. This time is was half-flooded. That didn't stop people from enjoying the area, including a couple having their wedding photos taken.

couple having their wedding photo taken while standing on a partial submerged stone railing and kissing

That is all. If all goes well, I won't have anything more about floods to share.

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