Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Pet Dogs in Chongqing

During the past month in Chongqing, I have seen many dogs as I have explored the city. Here are a few of them:

three kids walking a dog
Walking next to Songshi Avenue

dog tied to a chair and standing on a traditional Chinese style table
Keeping an eye on another dog near People's Park

dog sitting between two men on a bench
Sitting on a bench near the Hongsheng Cultural Square

dog sitting in a plaza with several other dogs in the background
Outside at the SML Central Square shopping mall

dog standing in the middle of a walkway
Guarding a home not far from Liziba Park

dog on bench with head resting on the armrest
Taking advantage of an armrest in the Gulou Lane historical area

Like the dog is the last photo above, some wore coats or other clothing. This is my favorite one so far:

dog wearing clothing with the words "BOBO PET LOVE THE CHIPS OF LOVE IS secret"
One of about 10 dogs hanging out together in Jiefangbei

Perhaps someday I will discover the secret chips of love.

Whatever my future holds, in all of the above cases I am fairly confident the dogs were pets, even though apparent strays aren't uncommon to see. And none of this is unusual for Chongqing. It is easy to see people with their pet dogs.

No deeper points at the moment. Mostly, I just wanted to provide some context for an upcoming post.

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