Wednesday, April 15, 2015

12 Photos From a Quick Trip to Shenzhen

My recent visit to Shenzhen lasted less than 48 hours before I bordered a high-speed train. Below are 12 photos shared in the spirit of "some of what caught my attention and interested me in addition to monsters and huge mobile phone markets during a brief period of time in Shenzhen". In one manner or another, each photo captures a part of Shenzhen's culture and environment. But there is certainly much, much (much) more to this rapidly changing city which fascinates me every time I visit. And even as I look at the photos now, they continue to inspire new questions.

So here is traffic on a road:

traffic on a road in Shenzhen

Traffic in an alley:

people walking in an alley in Shenzhen

Traffic on a pedestrian street:

people walking on a pedestrian street in Shenzhen

Signs for sale:

numerous neon signs at shops

A sign on clothing:

dress with word "LASTNIGHT" and a five-pointed star

A sign on a young woman's arm:

six-pointed star tattoo

A sign for vocational training:

sign with a Caucasian man wearing glasses and holding a scientific calculator

A sign for a skin whitening creme:

advertisement for Chando skin whitening creme

A message on the front:

dress with "DEAD INSIDE" written in large block characters

A message on the back:

back of shirt with words "THE GUILTY PARTIES  — FUCK YOU KILLER TOKYO"

A promotion for mobile phones:

large outdoor booth selling mobile phones at Huaqiangbei

And last but not least, a promotion for McDonald's french fries:

McDonald's french fry mascot

Any questions now?

More from other lands soon . . .

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