Sunday, June 14, 2015

A Clarification About Great Ideas for a New Movie

In the previous post I shared photos of two ads for "Mr. Deng Goes to Washington". One ad featured an assortment of guns and knives and the other a cutout of Barack Obama. The post also mentions the movie's focus on Deng Xiaoping's protection during his visit to the U.S. and Chinese media describing an attempt to spray paint Deng as an assassination attempt.

I ended the post with:
One of the questions I am left with after considering the curious use of guns and Obama to promote a film about Deng's historic visit is "If people unfamiliar with the film were presented with only these two advertisements, what would they guess its plot to be and would they want to see it?"

At least they might provide some great ideas for new movies.
I wrote the last sentence without anything much more specific in mind than a) some people may come up with interesting plots, perhaps suitable for action movies, and b) I suspect many of these plots would significantly differ from the advertised movie's. I now appreciate that the post can set up a possible interpretation of the last sentence I did not wish to express or imply. So just in case . . . To be absolutely clear, I was not at all suggesting that a movie about the assassination of Barack Obama would be a great idea.

Now on to other matters . . .

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