Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Scenes from Kaihua Isle in Fuzhou's West Lake

circular entranceway at Kaihua Temple in Fuzhou

Fuzhou's West Lake may not be as famous as Hangzhou's, but according to a sign at the 105-acre park first constructed in 282 AD:
It is ranked 6th among the 36 west lakes all over China and wins its fame for verdant hills, sparkling waters, shady trees, grotesque rockwork and wooden pavilions.
I have been to a number of those similarly named parks and wonder if I have been to the one ranked 36th. Whatever the case, I recently enjoyed a peaceful afternoon walking around the park in Fuzhou, and it wasn't hard to believe it deserved a top 10 ranking. This post includes some scenes from its Kaihua Isle, the location of Kaihua Temple. Tree penjing, sculptures of small monkeys, and a monk all make appearances.

rock formation with sculptures of small monkeys in front of Kaihua Temple in Fuzhou

Tree penjing (bonsai) at Kaihua Isle in Fuzhou

man and small girl walking on small stones across a pond at West Lake in Fuzhou

sculpture at West Lake in Fuzhou

scene at Kaihua Temple in Fuzhou

covered walkway behind Kaihua Temple in Fuzhou

monk walking into a prayer hall at Kaihua Temple in Fuzhou


  1. The rockwork doesn't look that grotesque at all!


    1. As they say, grotesqueness is in the eye of the beholder.