Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A Photographic Moment in Shanghai with a Man from Shangqiu

While taking some photos from a pedestrian bridge near the Shanghai Railway Station, a man asked if he could haven his photo taken with me. I said "sure" and he handed his Coolpad mobile phone to one of the two boys with him. After the photos were taken, I asked if I could take their photo.

a man and two boys posing for a photograph while on a pedestrian bridge in Shanghai

Although I have received many similar requests in the past and once discussed the phenomena while sharing 10 photos of people who requested to have a photo taken with me during just two days in Zhanjiang, it happens far less often in Shanghai, with some touristy areas being occasional exceptions.

The man told me he is from Shangqiu, a prefecture-level city in Henan province about 740 km (460 miles) away to the northwest. I mentioned I had visited there and neighboring Kaifeng. He spoke of Kaifeng's well-known old town, so I mentioned that Shangqiu has an interesting small old town as well. He agreed yet appeared surprised. I interpreted his reaction as "oh, you really have been to Shangqiu". Based on what people there told me and people's reactions to seeing me, few foreigners come to the city.

Several especially memorable experiences I had there now come to mind — stories for future posts. For now I will just say I really enjoyed my time in Shangqiu and appreciate the unexpected opportunity in Shanghai to briefly meet someone from there.

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