Sunday, October 18, 2015

Day and Night at the Tongtian Pagoda

Shaoguan's 3-year-old Tongtian Pagoda (通天塔) replaced a pagoda built in the mid-1500s and destroyed in the mid-1800s. It sits on a small island where the Wu and Zhen Rivers meet to form the Bei River. Below are two photos of the pagoda and the Beijiang Bridge (北江大桥), which opened 30 years ago, taken from nearby vantage points but at different times of the day. People can have strong preferences for one viewing time or the other.

Tongtian Pagoda (通天塔) and Beijiang Bridge (北江大桥) during the day in Shaoguan

Tongtian Pagoda (通天塔) and Beijiang Bridge (北江大桥) lit up at a night in Shaoguan

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