Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Another Small Space in Shaoguan Filled with China's Redder Days: The Wuya Lane Old Book Room

The Nostalgia Book Room isn't the only place buying and selling old books and other older items on Wuya Lane in Shaoguan. Another place is the similarly small and appropriately named Wuya Lane Old Book Room* (吾牙巷旧书房). Like The Nostalgia Book Room, it opens when it opens and was closed almost all of the times I passed by.

The Wuya Lane Old Book Room (吾牙巷旧书房) in Shaoguan, Guangdong

Fortunately, one evening I arrived just before the door was about to come down. I was able to take a photo of the packed up room.

inside the Wuya Lane Old Book Room (吾牙巷旧书房) in Shaoguan

To peruse the many items call Mr. Mo (莫) at 18344499159 to have a better chance of finding an open door.

*Once again, I took the liberty of providing an English name. "书房" is often translated as "study" (the room), but I thought "book room" worked better in these cases.

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