Monday, May 30, 2016

UV Protection Meets Spaceballs In Taipei

Yesterday at the Xinyi Place shopping area in Taipei, I saw something unusual.

to young women wearing huge silver helmets and passersby

The large shiny helmets, reminiscent of the movie Spaceballs, were hard to miss.

young woman wearing a huge helmet applying lotion to a toddler

Soon the helmets came off. Yet the activities proceeded as before.

young women in silver skirts applying lotion to passers by in Taipei

This wasn't a promotion for a Spaceballs sequel. Instead, it was a promotion for lotions with UV protection — a common type of product in a region where many want to keep or make their skin a whiter color — from the Japanese brand Bioré. The young women wearing the helmets offered to apply lotion to the arms of passersby, whether woman, man, or child.

Nothing was available for purchase, but some people had their photos taken with the lotion.

young woman having her photo taken with a Biore lotion

The large helmets appeared to be helpful in attracting attention. Presumably, they represent the lotion's ability to block UV light, which raises a key question I'm not sure Bioré has considered.

How many people would rather buy the helmets?

Two giant Bioré UV helmets

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