Friday, November 18, 2016

A Dog Not Looking for Pigeons or Criticism in Dalian

For better or worse, I only saw one small dog in Dalian wearing a dinosaur outfit. I did see other dogs in the city, though, including one dog peacefully coexisting with many pigeons at Zhongshan Square.

small dog standing next to many pigeons at Zhongshan Square in Dalian, China

The dog was friendly when approached and minded its own business. Nonetheless, with clear disgust on her face a woman with a child bluntly asked the dog's owner why the dog was so fat. The owner appeared to be taken aback by the question.

I didn't catch the mumbled reply, and I wonder what sort of answer the woman was expecting. I will admit part of me wishes the owner had said with a straight face, "She likes eating the pigeons."

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