Sunday, December 18, 2016

A "Do Not Litter" Sign with a Striking Scene in Shanghai

A sign displayed in Hongkou, Shanghai:

"don't litter" ("垃圾不乱扔 学以修身 习以养德") sign displaying objects being thrown, apparently in the direction of a family in Hongkou, Shanghai

The text expresses a "do not litter" message.

When I first looked at the sign, I thought the people had lost chunks of their heads due to thrown debris, including a broken bottle — a rather intense way to communicate the message.

But I now suspect the notches in the heads represent open mouths on all of the people and a few additional details for one. In that case, the open mouths could indicate the people were appalled by the littering. And maybe none of the debris is headed directly at them. If this is the only intended interpretation, some additional visual cues would be useful.

Whatever the case, the sign got my attention.

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