Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Aftermath of Typhoon Hato in Zhuhai: A Fallen Tree on Baishi Road

Whether at a pedestrian street, near the waterfront, or at a bar street, people did their best to navigate the debris left by Typhoon Hato in Zhuhai. One notable example elsewhere in Zhuhai was on Baishi Road (白石路).  One day after the typhoon, people on foot and riding various vehicles made their way under a tree that had fallen across the road without completely obstructing it.

people walking, driving, and riding their bike under a fallen tree across a road in Zhuhai

car driving under a tree that fell across a road

Some larger vehicles clearly would not have been able to pass, but while I was there I didn't see anybody turn around. Before deciding to move forward, though, a number of people paused, including myself.

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