Monday, December 10, 2018

A Building With a Warning in Zhongshan

In the older sections of the Shiqi subdistrict in Zhongshan exist some buildings currently marked with the sign "危房勿近" — "Derelict House, Stay Away". Despite the warning, I haven't seen any examples where something has else has been done to keep people safe from potential danger, and typically people regularly pass by in close proximity.

Below is one such house in Zhonghepo (中和泊) with the red and yellow sign. I don't know whether it is more likely destined for repair or demolition. Fortunately, whatever its fate, I suffered no harm for taking a brief close look as night fell.

house with "危房勿近" sign on it

dilapidated house in Zhongshan

inside a dilapidated house in Zhongshan, China


  1. I came across slightly wordier signage in Jinze this past summer. Yes, hopefully, the sign hints at protection and restoration. Hope springs eternal.

    1. Nice sign catch. Same for the chamber pot. I've visited several towns not far away but never Jinze. Now I'm intrigued.