Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Chinese Professor Claims the British People Originated in China

Du Gangjian's book "文明源頭與大同世界"
Du Gangjian's book with a very big claim

Some people make bold claims. Some make really bold claims. Some . . .
As far as I know, Dwowei News did not make a mistake by publishing an article intended for April 1 a bit too early.

Du Gangjian seems to have spread his wings quite a bit, as he is a law professor at Hunan University. The claims about the origins of Anglo-Saxons and the English language are part of a bigger claim that China is the origin of civilization for the world.

Who knew? Du knew. Though others in China have made related claims in the past.

If you would like to learn more about Du's claim about the Chinese origin of the world's civilizations, he has a book on the topic. The book is of course written in Chinese, which gives native speakers of English another great reason to learn the language if they haven't already. It's practically their mother tongue.

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