Sunday, September 29, 2019

Zooming in to Reveal a Special Moment in Xuzhou

Late yesterday afternoon as I attempted to cross Heping Avenue (和平大道) in Xuzhou, I noticed something wonderful:

looking westward down Heping Avenue in Xuzhou

Even after significantly cropping the above photo, what caught my eye still might not be apparent:

looking westward down Heping Avenue in Xuzhou

So a further cropping might help:

Heping Avenue and the sun setting behind Xuzhou's Zhulin Temple (竹林寺)

Cropping to the extreme of what the photo's resolution allows should make it readily apparent:

sun setting behind Xuzhou's Zhulin Temple (竹林寺)

If you really still can't figure it out, there's this, though it somewhat pains me to cut out all of the foreground:

When I noticed the sun setting behind Xuzhou's Zhulin Temple (竹林寺), I at first wished I was much closer to the temple. But that wouldn't have achieved what I had in mind, since the ratio of their sizes would be different. What I really could have used was a zoom lens and ideally a tripod as well. Still, I am impressed with the detail my camera was able to catch under the conditions. And I am now glad an underground passageway for reaching the north side of Heping Avenue isn't yet completed. Had it been open, I likely wouldn't have even seen this moment of people on a busy street as the sun set behind them and a distant temple.

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