Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pedestrian Bridges as Intended

In an earlier post I challenged readers to identify the intended meaning of a sign on some pedestrian bridges in Chengdu, and in a later post I provided the answer.  In another post I shared a video someone took of a driver incredibly using a pedestrian bridge as a car bridge in Kunming.

The other day in Shanghai I saw this pedestrian bridge:

man walking bike down ramp on pedestrian bridge in Shanghai

The photo shows someone walking their bike down the steps using a side ramp as intended for that purpose.

Just goes to show that not every moment in China involves people not observing signs or driving their cars across a pedestrian bridge.  Sometimes, people behave just as designers intend.  It happens.

For me, the scene is also indicative of how like everywhere else in the world there is a more "typical" side of China of people simply going about their everyday lives.  It may not seem as flashy, but if you want to understand people that side is important, too.

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