Sunday, August 14, 2011

Shopping Cart Kid in Qibao, Shanghai

In the previous post I noted I had yet to see a kiddie play area in Shanghai as large as the one I saw in Changchun, Jilin.  This weekend I saw another kiddie play area in a modern shopping district in Qibao, a town in Shanghai well-known for its "Qibao Ancient Town".  However, yet again the play area's size was not as impressive as the one in Changchun.

Keeping the kids amused in Qibao

Not all the kids around there were just playing around.  After all, there's shopping to be done.  This kid was doing it style, though, while riding around in a shopping cart in Tesco (a Walmart-like store):

She seemed well prepared for the hot and humid weather outside with the fan hat.  The proud display of Shanghai kiddie fashion is was most caught my eye.  Both her and her parents seemed quite happy when I asked if I could take her photo. 

Soon, I'll post about some unrelated mobile phone marketing I saw nearby this Tesco that involved Android, Angry Birds, and Facebook -- not exactly a combo I was expecting to see in Qibao or anywhere in a country that is currently blocking Facebook.

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