Sunday, April 1, 2012

Existential Threat Posed to U.S. by Chinese Tiger Mothers' Continued Relentless Training of Children

Last year Amy Chua wrote an article claiming Chinese applied superior "Tiger Mother" child-raising skills which in part succeeded by subjecting children to a variety of intense pressures while leaving them little time for the fun that is part of many American childhoods. From China, I was able to share a critical investigative report that further verified Chua's claims and opened the eyes of many to the deeper ramifications. As I wrote in a guest blog post for James Fallows on The Atlantic:
... today I saw the practices described by Chua apparently being applied by Chinese parents in Yulin, Guangxi. What I witnessed seemed to indicate something far more alarming than I could have ever imagined and may have been foreshadowed by Amy Chua when she wrote that her methods once caused her house to become "a war zone."

At potential risk to myself, I collected photographic evidence suggesting that in addition to possibly not being permitted opportunities for fun activities such as play dates or computer games, Chinese children are being trained for nothing less than what some people in the US seem to think is right around the corner--a Chinese attack on the United States of America.
For the evidence I shared see: "Will Amy Chua's 'Tiger Mother' Methods Create a New World Order?".

Since that time, I fear many Americans have once again become complacent. However, my investigations have continued. Fortunately with only minimal harm caused to myself, I recently completed observations in Zhuhai, Guangdong that I will share below. Hopefully, this irrefutable evidence will prompt immediate and lasting action. Please be warned, the following images show training exercises for a potentially gruesome and fierce war. They may not be suitable for all viewers and could cause severe anxiety.

Of course, Chinese mothers wisely understand that any invasion will require overpowering attacks from the sky:

Woman and child on jet amusement park ride in Zhuhai, China
Relentless training in jets

Child on a helicopter amusement park ride in Zhuhai, China
Observe her glee as she imagines shooting down helpless victims on American soil.

Two children on parachute amusement park ride in Zhuhai, China
So well trained, they can mock me while parachuting.

Attacks on both of America's coasts are also inevitable:

Boy on water shooting amusement park ride in Zhuhai, China
Even America's defenses of bears, sharks, and walking fish will be no match.

Bumper boats and a pirate ship amusement park ride in Zhuhai, China
Pirate ship or amphibious vehicles -- choose your poison.

Parked boats with fake guns at a park in Zhuhai, China
Gun boats refueling while more artillery is delivered.

After the initial air and sea attacks the final ground invasion will be crushing:

Child on kiddy-car amusement park ride in Zhuhai, China
As he drove by he screamed "NO MERCY!" at me in the local Cantonese dialect.

Girl on railed amusement park ride with fake guns in Zhuhai, China
Training to take over U.S. rail lines regardless of any dinosaur defenses
(fortunately, those are practice laser guns and only caused me minor flesh wounds)

Three children climbing an inflatable climbing pylon at an amusement park ride in Zhuhai, China
No wall will be a barrier.

Even the trainers could only laugh at my helplessness as I tried to comprehend what I was observing:

Young worker standing in front of a helicopter amusement park ride in Zhuhai, China
She dreamed of visiting the U.S. someday -- presumably to lay claim to a small city.

After leaving the training grounds, I walked around in a daze feeling heartbroken that the children were subjected to such soul-crushing training. But even as I tried to find some solace and make sense of it all, no kid would let me forget what I could soon expect:

Young child in a stroller holding an orange and play gun in Zhuhai, China

I can only hope it is not too late.

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