Friday, June 8, 2012

Dell Store (and Uniforms) in Yinchuan, China

Yesterday, I shared some examples of unauthorized Apple resellers in Yinchuan, Ningxia. Although I have posted several times about Apple, it is not my intent to express any particular favoritism for the brand.

Partly in that spirit, I will share a few photos of a store selling Dell products that I also saw in Yinchuan:

Dell computer store in Yinchuan, China

Although it is very common to see Dell computers for sale in China, this store caught my eye because it is not so common to see an independent store dedicated to only Dell products. In my experience, Dell resellers in China are typically located in computer shopping centers with numerous other resellers nearby.

The store also caught my attention because of its outdoor display where two employees were showcasing computers:

outdoor display at Dell computer store in Yinchuan, China

outdoor display at Dell computer store in Yinchuan, China

I spoke to the owner and she told me the store has been open for 8 years. Furthermore, it had recently undergone renovations, and they had just reopened.

Similar to Apple, Dell provides an online list of authorized retailers in China. However, Dell has many more stores listed. For example, Apple currently lists 1 reseller in Yinchuan. Dell lists 30. At first glance, the above store does not appear to be on the list. But several of the provided addresses are vague, so I am not entirely sure whether it is not included. And I am not familiar with Dell's policies regarding how stores can use the Dell symbols and name, so I have no comment as to whether anything may be amiss.

Finally, I must say there was another detail in the store that caught my attention -- the uniforms for some of the female employees:

employees in uniforms at Dell store in Yinchuan, China

I have no idea if those uniforms are Dell standard issue inside or outside of China. If not, do you think they could someday become an example of creative design in China influencing global practices?

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