Monday, June 4, 2012

The Thirty-fifth Day of May in Xining, China

As I walked around Xining, Qinghai province, on this thirty-fifth day of May, I noticed that at these various shopping areas:

vegetable market in Xining, China
Vegetable market

street market in Xining, China
Street market

underground shopping center in Xining, China
Underground shopping center

Life seemed to be going on as usual. But when I looked upon Xining's peaceful Central Square:

Central Square in Xining, China

And later in one of Xining's major shopping districts saw police, one openly holding a large gun:

Police van and policeman holding a large gun in Xining, China

I thought of some recently shared photos from 23 years ago of soldiers in Beijing. Later, I pondered China's curious stock market numbers and the various extensions of censorship in China on this day.

For now, I will simply share a photo of these candles I saw several months ago at a temple in Zhuhai's Bailian Dong Park:

lotus shaped candles in a temple in Zhuhai, China

Regardless of who is to blame and why such a terrible event occurred, they remind me of the lights that went out 23 years ago.

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