Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sitting on the Street in Ho Chi Minh City

The next few days will be especially busy for me so I expect any posts will be light. Still, I have enough time for another scene from Vietnam.

food hawker sitting on a tiny stool on the street as a car passes by

The low stool, the advertisements for Oreo and HTC, the mix of patterns on the hawker's clothes, and the various vehicles all caused more than a few neurons in my brain to change their firing patterns. Feel free to ponder the photo and see what your own neurons do.


  1. I have a good question: I'm sure you have seen a good number of street vendors like the one here in this picture. Do you often see them actually selling anything? I remembered watching a street vendor in the Philippines for about an hour and only seeing him sell two or three items in that period of time.

    1. I have often seen the street food vendors in Ho Chi Minh City making sales. In fact, I am sometimes their customer. And the prospects for the above street vendor may be better than seem based on the photo. Behind me was a park full of students relaxing and chatting with one another.