Monday, March 4, 2013

Small Motorized Vehicles Carrying and Pulling in Phnom Penh

Once more, to provide a small taste of life in urban Cambodia and a contrast to the scenes from Cambodia's countryside south and north of Kampot town, I will share some scenes of people riding vehicles in central Phnom Penh. Earlier posts included motorbikes and pedal-powered vehicles. This post will return to the motorized vehicle theme but with an added twist: something is being pulled--such as the cabin of a tuk-tuk (auto rickshaw) or a mobile food stall--or something is being carried in addition to any riders. Background sights include the Supreme Court building in the first photo and a construction site for a new complex with a shopping area, condominiums, office space, and a hotel.

This will be last post with a large number of photos in this series. However, I have some related photos to single out later.

ma driving a tuk-tuk past the Cambodian Supreme Court building in Phnom Penh

tuk-tuks in Phnom Penh

motorbikes at a crowded interestion in Phnom Penh

man with child driving a motorbike with a mobile drink cart in Phnom Penh

people carrying boxes while riding motorbikes in Phnom Penh

motorbike with cart trailer

man carrying a large bag on a motorbike

two men carrying large containers on a motorized tricycle cart

tuk-tuk driving by a construction site in Phnom Penh

man riding motorbike with mobile drink cart

man driving tuk-tuk filled with goods

two motorbike pulling filled carts in Phnom Penh

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