Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Not-As-Green Road on Hong Kong Island

For a contrast to the photo that I shared of a "green road" on Hong Kong Island, here are two photos taken at 8 a.m. on a Monday last year while I stood on a pedestrian bridge over King's Road in Hong Kong Island's Quarry Bay.

The scenes are obviously much more urban than the earlier scene. However, hiking trails through lush greenery in the large Tai Tam Country park are only a few minutes walk away. On the side, even closer is one of my favorite places for a simple but tasty dish of Hong Kong style roasted duck and rice. Even if these two photos were mixed up with all of my other photos of urban scenes in China, clues such as the trams and minibuses would tell me right away that I was looking at Hong Kong. More urban scenes with Hong Kong trams (and the variety of advertisements they display) can be found in earlier posts here and here.

Although at the moment I am thinking about parks, restaurants, and trams in Hong Kong, I am still in Beijing and will remain here a little longer. A return to Beijing scenes and other topics is on the way.

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