Monday, November 11, 2013

Signs of Taipa in Macau

I now seem to have a somewhat functional VPN. It's not perfect, and I'm hoping to further improve the situation. But at least I can more reliably connect to the blocked-in-China world than previously.

For a sign that things have somewhat returned to normal, I will share a set of photos I took in and around Macau's Taipei Village the other day that all include... signs. I did not initially intend to take so many photos of signs, but after the first few I thought focusing on signs could serve as a way to capture sides of Macau that may otherwise be missed. And Macau presents a unique treat for sign aficionados. Where else is it common to see Traditional Chinese, Portuguese, and English together? As the following photos show, not all signs use all three languages and which languages appear can vary depending on the circumstances.

Koi Kei's billboard on the right side changed. The yellow sign is for another bakery.

The environment of the previously mentioned "no peeing" sign

"dancing with snakes" sign and two young women walking by at a park in Macau
Maybe I will see the snakes next time.

No flowers today

tunnel through an artificial rock formation in a Macau park
As requested, I refrained from climbing on the rocks.

escalator safety signs
I have noticed Macau's outdoor escalators often provide a number of riding tips.

a sign for proper behavior when boarding a bus in Macau
At crowded bus stops in neighboring Zhuhai boarding a bus can feel like a sporting event.

a sign urging people to prevent dengue fever
Macau is concerned about dengue fever.

a street sign on a building in Taipa Village, Macau
A street sign in Taipei Village

a sign at a bar explaining the need to be quiet due to recent complaints while also pointing out their rent has drastically increased
The Old Taipa Tavern (OTT) is in a great location for enjoying a drink, but don't be noisy or mention the rent.

a sign above the entrance to a 7-Eleven in Macau
As in Hong Kong, 7 Elevens are common in Macau.

Signs behind a McDonald's in Macau
The back of a McDonald's

a no smoking sign on an outdoor wall in Macau
Another sign of Macau's smoking regulations

a street scene in Macau with a variety of signs
Choose a sign to ponder

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