Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Thirty Yangjiang Scenes

I arrived in Yangjiang (阳江), Guangdong province, about 200 kilometers (120 miles) westward from Zhuhai and Macau along Guandong's coast, with little knowledge about it (map). Some of the upcoming posts will focus on what I found and learned in a fascinating city.

This post includes a set of scenes from the most developed area of Jiangcheng District (江城区). If you take an intercity bus to "Yangjiang" this is likely where you'll end up. The photos were all taken within an approximately 10 square kilometer (4 square mile) area, and I walked to all of the locations. Along with showing some slivers of everyday life, they highlight the area's variety of environments and modes of transportation. It's not difficult to go from a wide road for new apartment complexes to a narrow alley winding by old traditional-style homes.

Many scenes would likely be labeled as mundane by Yangjiangers, and that's fine. The aim is not to provide material for a promotional video like Dongguan's but instead to provide a more down-to-earth look at Yangjiang and some context for later posts.

section of older traditional style homes with other newer apartment buildings in Yangjiang, China

woman and little girl looking at a motorbike in an alley in Yangjiang, China

three young men riding a motorbike in Yangjiang, China

man riding down a street with many plants in Yangjiang, China

woman driving a motorized tricycle cart in Yangjiang, China

buildings overhanging a sidewalk with motorbikes and bags for sale in Yangjiang, China

bridge over the Moyang River in Yangjiang, China

house boats on the Moyang River in in Yangjiang, China

dirty narrow river in Yangjiang, China

narrow paved road through a field in Yangjiang, China

elementary school girls walking down a narrow pedestrian alley in Yangjiang, China

two men on a motorbike in Yangjiang, China

woman carrying a tray on a street in Yangjiang, China

Yuanyang Lake West Road in Yangjiang, China

man on motorbike on bridge over Yuanyang Lake in Yangjiang, China

city scene in in Yangjiang, China

motorbikes at an intersection with a large yellow building in Yangjiang, China

motorbikes and cars crossing an intersection in Yangjiang, China

intersection with wide streets in Yangjiang, China

newer apartment complexes in Yangjiang, China

new apartment complexes being built behind an empty lot in Yangjiang, China

older traditional style homes in Yangjiang, China

woman pulling a wheel barrow in Yangjiang, China

boy playing with a badminton racket in Yangjiang, China

young woman on a motorbike riding by small stores in Yangjiang, China

older man riding a bicycle past a building with images of fashionably dressed young women in Yangjiang, China

street with adidas store in Yangjiang, China

riverside walkway in Yangjiang, China

man looking across the river in Yangjiang, China

motorbikes, a car, and pedestrians in an evening road scene in Yangjiang, China


  1. nice work ... your blog is going to be amazing looked at in fifty years

  2. Thanks for these pics - brings back a few memories. Never seen so many mopeds...

    1. And these scenes don't show them at the their densest ...

  3. Great post. I visited Dongguan for a conference last year so I found the linked video very entertaining.

    1. Thanks, I'm glad you appreciated the Dongguan video. I still feel a bit of cognitive dissonance when watching it.