Thursday, May 1, 2014

A Crowded Labor Day in Shenzhen's Dongmen

Today marked the beginning of the Labor Day (May Day) national holiday in China. On pedestrian streets in Shenzhen's Dongmen (东门) area the crowds were dense as many people shopped, ate, or labored. Almost two years ago, I shared photos of outdoor scenes and fashion for sale at Dongmen. For a current look at Dongmen and a contrast with another Labor Day I spent two years ago in Yinchuan, Ningxia, here is a set of outdoor photos from there today which capture more slices of life in China:

dense crowd at Dongmen in Shenzhen during Labour Day

little boy holding a balloon in Shenzhen

woman holding a red purse in Shenzhen

young woman wearing a black miniskirt with a long black lace skirt over it

Spider Man being photographed in Shenzhen

man in vest blowing out smoke

man talking to girl in a stroller

woman wearing a shirt with "hello" on it

young woman wearing a shirt reading "SICK"

young men walking on a street in Dongmen

couple holding hands in Shenzhen

crowds at Dongmen, Shenzhen

people sitting at a small park in Dongmen

two young women walking holding hands

boy riding a bike on a pedestrian street in Dongmen

a three child stroller

crowds at Dongmen

crowds near Shenzhen's first McDonald's

older couple with child in a stroller

man smoking and talking on a mobile phone at Dongmen

girl carrying a large bottle of Wang Lao Ji.

young man walking on a pedestrian street

young women wear black a hot pink outfits and holding hands

two young men holding hands

three young women talking a selfie at Dongmen

young man and woman talking to each other

man sitting down and smoking next to a child in a stroller

man squatting on steps and smoking as a young woman takes a selfie behind him

people sitting on steps at Dongmen

"Xinjiang Roast Meet" food stall at Dongmen, Shenzhen

young man and woman eating kebabs next to filled trashcans at Dongmen

sanitation worker

narrow pedestrian street at Dongmen

woman pulling a stroller cart with a young boy

two young women looking up

young man looking to his right

man and woman walking together and looking in different directions

rock with the word "东门“ ("Dongmen") engraved in it

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