Thursday, December 18, 2014

Elsewhere on a Small Mountain in China

I walked up a mountain in a park . . .

steps going up a hill with much greenery including bamboo

took the stairs to the top of a small tower at its peak . . .

traditional Chinese tower

and looked at the surrounding urban areas.

view of mountains, buildings, and a stadium.

view of apartment buildings

urban view with many buildings

As the photos may have already suggested to some readers, I am not in Shanghai. Instead, I am in one of the many prefecture-level cities unheard of by most people outside China despite having a population in the millions.

I have a little more about Shanghai I would like to share before bringing additional attention to my current location. So this is an opportunity to see if any readers can identify the city based on the above photos. In addition to the clues within them, I will provide two more: I came here by high-speed rail and enjoyed a savory local-style oyster omelet for lunch.

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