Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Sixteen Zhangzhou Street Scenes

If you identified the location of the photos I shared last week as Zhangzhou (漳州), the southernmost prefecture-level city in Fujian province (map), treat yourself to a bowl of Zhangzhou-style duck noodle soup or whatever other Zhangzhou treat you desire. If you didn't, I still recommend trying the soup.

The coastal city borders the far better known (at least in China) city of Xiamen. By high-speed rail it is about 8 hours south of Shanghai and 3.5 hours northeast of Shenzhen, which borders Hong Kong. When I passed through Zhangzhou over a year ago on a long-distance bus, this portion of the high-speed rail line was sadly not yet open.

Similar to what I did earlier this year with Yangjiang's Jiangcheng District in Guangdong province, I will share a set of street scenes from a central urban area in Zhangzhou's Xiangcheng District (芗城区) north of the Jiulong River. Like the Yangjiang post, the photos were all taken within an approximately 10 km2 (4 sq mi) area, and I walked to all of the locations. Although they certainly are not representative of Zhangzhou as a whole, which covers an area of 12,888 km2 (4,976 sq mi), they offer a brief "everyday" look at a central area in Zhangzhou and provide a bit of context for upcoming posts. And if they raise a few questions, all the better.

Xinhua East Road (新华东路) in Zhangzhou
Xinhua East Road (新华东路)

Xinhua East Road and Xinhua North Road (新华东路新华北路) in Zhangzhou
Xinhua East Road and Xinhua North Road (新华东路新华北路)

Daxi Lane (打锡巷) in Zhangzhou
Daxi Lane (打锡巷)

Alley off Xinpu Road (新浦路) in Zhangzhou
Alley off Xinpu Road (新浦路)

Xiamen Road (厦门路) in Zhangzhou
Xiamen Road (厦门路)

Jiulong Avenue (九龙大道) in Zhangzhou
Jiulong Avenue (九龙大道)

Jiangbin Road (江滨路) in Zhangzhou
Jiangbin Road (江滨路)

Intersection of Xinhua West Road and Zhongfa Road (新华西路钟法路) in Zhangzhou
Xinhua West Road and Zhongfa Road (新华西路钟法路)

Yan'an North Road (延安北路) in Zhangzhou
Yan'an North Road (延安北路)

Datong Road (大同路) in Zhangzhou
Datong Road (大同路)

Datong Road (大同路) in Zhangzhou
Datong Road (大同路)

Tengfei Road (腾飞) in Zhangzhou
Tengfei Road (腾飞路)

Alley in Jinhu Village (金湖村) in Zhangzhou
Alley in Jinhu Village (金湖村)

Shengli West Road (胜利路) in Zhangzhou
Shengli West Road (胜利西路)

Zhongfa Road (钟法路) in Zhangzhou
Zhongfa Road (钟法路)

Renshi Road (人师路) in Zhangzhou
Renshi Road (人师路)

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