Friday, September 11, 2015

One Wheel May Be All You Need in Zhuhai

A piece which I had initially planned to post yesterday and then said I would post today won't make its appearance until Monday. The delay is entirely fitting given the topic of the piece — a rather long bridge currently under construction that has been delayed to a far greater degree. So instead I will unashamedly share something else today connecting to the transportation theme.

While walking past a shopping market today in Gongbei, Zhuhai, a man on an electric unicycle fortunately zipped by me.

man riding an electric unicycle in Zhuhai, China

I say "fortunately" mostly because he wobbled during his approach, and I wasn't sure whether a collision was imminent. He achieved more stability just before he passed.

After taking the photo, I remembered the girl I saw riding an electric unicycle in Changsha and considered the frequency with which I have also seen them in Zhuhai — not an everyday sight but not rare either.

So I was not entirely surprised when just 5 minutes later I saw a store selling electric unicycles and similar powered vehicles.

store selling electric unicycles in Zhuhai

What most caught my eye was the example on the sign of a British-themed electric unicycle. Scooters are banned in Zhuhai, yet the unicycle offers people something similar in spirit to British-themed scooters common in cities such as Shanghai and Changsha.

And yes, they had one in stock. No, I did not buy it. Perhaps I will see one in use soon though.

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