Saturday, January 9, 2016

Wan Chai Bookfair Makes No Mention of the Missing Hong Kong Booksellers

Early this evening on Lockhart Road in Hong Kong, there were few remaining signs of last night's demonstration by People Power for the missing booksellers who worked at Causeway Bay Books, now closed due to the suspicious disappearances. Instead, there was a long row of tents on the road.

Wan Chai Bookfair on Lockhart Road

They weren't part of a new demonstration. They were part of an event of the Wan Chai Bookfair series. A number of different publishers and bookstores were present, including Cite Bookshop located directly in front of the entrance to Causeway Bay Books' building.

Cite Bookshop tent at the Wanchai Bookfair

Books for sale at the Cite Bookshop tent included Barbara Demick's book about life in North Korea . . .

Barbara Demick's "Nothing to Envy" for sale at a Hong Kong book fair

. . . Euny Hong's book about pop culture in South Korea . . .

"The Birth of Korean Cool" for sale at a Hong Kong book fair

. . . and a memoir by Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton's "Hard Choices" for sale at a Hong Kong Book fair

A variety of other books were available as well.

But it was what I didn't see which struck me most. Despite the obvious connections, I didn't notice a single mention of the missing booksellers or any sign of solidarity there or at any of the other tents set up on several streets in Causeway Bay.

It all seemed a bit surreal, especially as the yellow Causeway Bay Books sign continues to turn on at night.

Causeway Bay Books sign lit up at night

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