Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A Hidden Pitcher of Water in Jieyang

Earlier I shared a photo of two men sleeping in carts. I have seen the man on the left side of the photo several times in the same area of Jieyang. Sometimes he has a cart.

man wearing a police hat pushing a wheelbarrow in Jieyang, China

Sometimes he doesn't. But he is always wearing the same hat. I haven't seen it up close, but it appears to be an old police hat.

Yesterday I saw him again. I watched from across the street as he sauntered in a general direction without his cart while a light rain fell. Soon he stopped in front of one of the missing persons signs I shared in the previous post — one he had surely passed before.

He looked at the sign for a few seconds, and then casually peeled most of it off the pole — not difficult due to the recent rain.

What happened next was even more unexpected. Just a few feet away he reached into the bushes which surround a public square and pulled out a large metal pitcher. As it continued to rain, he poured some water over where the sign had been. It didn't make much of a difference on the paper which remained stuck to the pole.

He then returned the pitcher to its place hidden in the bushes and walked off.

It didn't appear to be part of a more widespread effort. Other nearby missing persons signs still remained.

I had many questions.

And I wondered where the man was headed next.

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