Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A Brief Disturbance in the Peace at People's Park in Mudanjiang

Especially for those who feel they need a break from news and analysis about the presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in the U.S., here is a photo of another "debate" which recently occurred.

Heated argument between two men at People's Park in Mudanjiang, China

A man on the left side of the photo was pulled away while the man in the center of the photo wearing a white shirt did his best to have the last word. I noticed the heated dispute at its end and have no idea what caused it. I doubt it related to U.S. presidential politics though, since the setting was a park, almost all of which was more peaceful, rather far away from the U.S.

Mudanjiang in China's Heilongjiang province is also far away from the two cities featured in many recent posts — Macau and Zhuhai. More about Mudanjiang and other locations in Northeast China, otherwise known as Dongbei, later. And more about Macau, Zhuhai, and other topics as well. Hopefully that won't anger anybody.

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