Thursday, September 8, 2016

Non-Smoking Areas Above Macau's Streets

A few years ago I wrote about new regulations requiring non-smoking areas in Macau's many casinos. Casinos aren't the only places, though, where smoking is regulated, and government "no smoking" signs are easy to find these days.

no-smoking sign in Macau

The above sign especially caught my eye due to its location.

pedestrian bridge over Rua de Ferreira do Amaral in Macau

Even open-air pedestrian bridges can be smoke free in Macau.

After taking the above photograph I noticed someone walking towards me. I soon realized why. They didn't care about me but instead cared about what was next to me.

trash can with ashtray on top filled with cigarette butts and water in Macau

Plenty of people in Macau still smoke.

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