Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Underneath the Donghaoyong Elevated Road in Guangzhou

Over the years I have posted photos of scenes underneath bridges in cities such as Hengyang, Shenyang, Taiyuan, and Zhanjiang. Today I will share two photos taken yesterday underneath the double-decker Donghaoyong Elevated Road where it crosses over Donghua West Road in Guangzhou. The first photo looks roughly to the north and the second roughly to the south.

I took the photos in part because of the mix of concrete, lush greenery, and water in the two scenes. And in this part of the city, the elevated road takes a twisting path as it follows a watercourse. Due to the water, I was also standing on a bridge at the time.

Some may feel the highway ruins things, but perhaps more would have been ruined had it taken a direct route instead. At least putting the road up high keeps things more peaceful and green down below where one can take a pleasant walk past large leaves and columns.

view from Donghua West Road facing northward under the Donghaoyong Elevated Road (东濠涌高架路)

view from Donghua West Road facing southward under the Donghaoyong Elevated Road (东濠涌高架路)

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