Monday, September 11, 2017

Pork Delivery in Zhuhai

On the day after Typhoon Hato hit, I saw something in Zhuhai which may have been connected to the typhoon in some way, but it was also something I wouldn't be shocked to see most other days. That said, it isn't something I see often, and for a moment it took my thoughts away from all of the storm damage I had just seen and walked through.

A pig carcass unexpectedly zooming past on an electric bicycle can have such an effect.

The feet dragging on the ground took it up a notch. But at least the pig carcass didn't appear to be at risk of completely falling to ground as what happened on a grander scale last year in Florida:
At least four pig carcasses, which were not secured properly, splattered onto the roadway, creating a gruesome scene captured by WTVT-Ch. 13's helicopter camera. It also backed up traffic for miles starting around 8 a.m. as emergency crews worked to clean up the remains, blocking the northbound right and center lanes.

As the Fox 13 helicopter roamed overhead while streaming a live feed to Facebook, Floridians totally freaked out online.
I didn't notice anybody freaking out over the passing carcass in Zhuhai. Had it splattered onto the street, though, it might have gained a little more attention.

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