Monday, September 4, 2017

The Aftermath of Typhoon Hato in Zhuhai: The Recovery

Even now, over a week and half after Typhoon Hato hit Zhuhai, fallen trees and other signs of the destruction left by the storm aren't hard to spot. Previous posts of scenes from the Lianhua Road Pedestrian Street, near the waterfront, the Bay Bar Street, Baishi Road, the Midtown complex, and elsewhere in the Gongbei subdistrict covered the day of the storm and the next day as well. To conclude this series of posts about some of the storm's impact, below are just a few scenes of the later cleanup, repair, and return to everyday life in Gongbei, mostly focused on places featured in the previous posts.

Two days after the storm, much debris remained on the Lianhua Road Pedestrian Street.

cleanup on the Lianhua Road Pedestrian Street after Typhoon Hato

Crews were using heavy machinery.

removing debris from trees after Typhoon Hato

Sometimes, construction equipment was repurposed to suit the task at hand.

removing debris on the Lianhua Road Pedestrian street after Typhoon Hato

Some of the large pieces of wood raised a question. What would be done with it all?

some of the remain wood from fallen trees

The night life at the Bay Bar Street, which had been severely affected, was returning at some places.

Muse club at night on Shuiwan Road in Zhuhai

Also that night, on the non-pedestrian portion of Lianhua Road night street food vendors were back in action.

street food vendors at night on Lianhua Road in Zhuhai

Six days after the storm, although the Bay Bar Street had been mostly cleared of debris, the long lasting damage to the trees that had once provided a thick full covering for the street was readily apparent.

damaged trees on Shuiwan Road after Typhoon Hato in Zhuhai

But some things still survived intact.

statues of two men playing saxophone on the Bay Bar Street in Zhuhai

Also, the popular walkway along Qinglu Road was clear, but damage remained.

Damage at the Qinglu Road waterside walkway after Typhoon Hato in Zhuhai

Eight days after the storm Baishi Road no longer had a large fallen tree creating a tunnel over it, but there was still work to be done.

large fallen tree in Zhuhai

At the Midtown shopping complex, a smaller tree was now in its more usual orientation.

supported tree at the Midtown in Zhuhai

Throughout the city, piles of debris from trees still covered bikes lanes or sidewalks. Also visible were the many shiny and apparently new chainsaws in use.

man using a chainsaw to cut fallen tree limbs

Sometimes the debris included unusual objets, including an astronaut I may have seen before.

disposed statue of an astronaut on the ground

Finally, many storefront signs had been destroyed by the storm. Some were under repair as Zhuhai moved on.

young men repairing a storefront sign with the words "To create the future"

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