Monday, April 30, 2018

Pingfeng Hill Park in Yunfu

At Pingfeng Hill in Yunfu, there is a park. Unsurprisingly, it is named Pingfeng Hill Park. According to an informational sign there, the park opened last July. At the moment it consists of a single path which connects an entrance from a a road, unsurprisingly named Pingfeng Road, on the southeast side of the hill with an entrance on the south side of the hill.  According to a posted map, the current path will apparently be extended to another entrance and an alternate route will be created as well.

The park includes a small simple Chinese pavilion. And the path goes by several tombs.

Chinese-style tomb on Pingfeng Hill in Yunfu, Guangdong

The path doesn't reach very high — nowhere near the top of the hill. So the views are somewhat limited.

While this park may be appreciated by locals, it probably isn't one which would make the itinerary for a several-day visit to Yunfu. Another of Yunfu's hills which is also part of its karst topography, though, has a path all the way to its top that doesn't require advanced rock climbing skills. This one would likely appeal to somebody seeking views in central Yunfu from a height much higher than available at Pingfeng Hill Park or even the top of Qilin Hill. More about that hill later.


  1. I am curious about that first picture. That tomb looks to be quite old, and it seems (at least from what I can see) to be unmarked as to who is buried there, but yet people still seem to have honored the grave. Is it a famous grave site of someone well known in the area, or do people tend to respect graves and burn incense at their sites, regardless of whether they know the person?

    1. I don't know the tomb's age or who is buried there. I wouldn't be surprised if family had recently visited though. Worth noting Qingming Festival occurred just a few weeks earlier, and this is the sort of thing you would expect family to do then.