Friday, April 27, 2018

Two Urban Views of Pingfeng Hill in Yunfu

The previous post featured a view from Qilin Hill in Yunfu with Pingfeng Hill visible in the distance. For today's dose of urban karst topography, I will share two photos of Pingfeng Hill taken from a much closer vantage point. As a bonus, the second photo includes a water truck watering things.

Pingfeng Hill (屏峰山) in Yunfu

Pingfeng Hill (屏峰山) and water truck spraying water onto the road in Yunfu

This is also an opportunity to correct a mistake. I previously identified this fine example of karst topography as Bingfeng Hill. However, I now believe its proper name is Pingfeng Hill.

The first Chinese character in the hill's name, 屏, can be read as either "bing" or "ping" in Mandarin Chinese, and those two pronunciations have distinctly different meanings. It's one of the many homographs in Chinese language.

Today, as I looked for photos of Pingfeng Hill I noticed I had taken a photo of sign for a street which runs along the hill's south side. The street uses the hill for its name, and the sign went with Pingfeng.

Pingfeng Hill (屏峰山) in Yunfu

Additionally, given their respective meanings, "ping" seems more fitting than "bing".

So Pingfeng Hill it is. Enjoy the views.

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