Thursday, May 3, 2018

McWonton's Golden Arches in Zhaoqing

There is something about that M . . .

A small eatery (M8上品塱鹤云吞) with an "M8" logo similar to the McDonald's Golden Arches

I saw the small eatery in the above photo today in Zhaoqing. Other than the M8 logo I didn't see anything else, including the Chinese below the logo on the sign, which seemed to have a bit of McDonald's spirit. Instead of hamburgers, this place features wontons (to be clear, "McWonton's" is my own creation). I refrained from asking about the logo.

The eatery especially caught my attention since it had been a while since I last came across an example of a logo seemingly inspired by McDonald's, whether at a hotpot restaurant in Changde or a Wichael Alone restaurant at highway rest area probably not very far from here. It was also notable in another respect. On the other side of the street and visible from the eatery are the famous Golden Arches themselves.

A McDonald's in Zhaoqing

So if you're ever craving a side of wontons to go along with a Big Mac, this part of Zhaoqing might be a great place to go.

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