Friday, August 31, 2018

A Boat, a River, and a Mountain in Ganzhou

In an earlier post about a rainbow I saw in Ganzhou, I wrote that I had hoped to photograph the rainbow at a more picturesque location at a river with a mountain in the background. The rainbow dissipated too quickly for that to happen though. So below is a photo from the location I had in mind. I have shared other photos from the Zhang River (章江) before, but this is from the other side and a long walk upstream from the other locations.

When I first arrived at this area, I wondered why the river appeared to be much narrower than at other nearby locations. I soon discovered that I wasn't looking at the other side of the river but at a long island in the middle. None of the maps I have looked at, either online or posted by the riverside, indicate a name for the island. In any case, the scene was a change of pace from the rapidly developing new urban area in Ganzhou I had just been walking through.

small boat on the Zhang River (章江) in Ganzhou

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