Monday, January 21, 2019

A Brief Visit to Changjiang Village in Zhongshan, China

After soaking in the view at the Changjiang Reservoir or frolicking at the Changjiang Water World in Zhongshan, China, perhaps life will bring you to Changjiang Village. There you could visit the village's small cultural park.

Entrance to the Cultural Park (长江文化广场) in Changjiang Village, Zhongshan (中山市长江村)

Cultural Park (中山长江文化广场) in Changjiang Village, Zhongshan (中山长江村)

Cultural Park (中山长江文化广场) in Changjiang Village, Zhongshan

Perhaps afterward you would choose to grab a bit to eat at the Anju Restaurant.

Anju Restaurant (安居食店) in Zhongshan, China

Once full, a short walk would bring you to a place for relaxing and drinking — The Hang.

The Hang (聚汇) bar in Changjiang, Zhongshan, China

All of these sites could conveniently be found alongside a single road cutting through the village.

Aochang Road (鳌长公路) in Changjiang Villiage, Zhongshan (中山市长江村)

It doesn't take long to travel the entire length of Aochang Road.

Sign for Aochang Road (鳌长公路) in Changjiang Villiage, Zhongshan

You may experience some confusion, though, because one of the bus stops in the village suggests the area's name is Zhongxin Village.

You could spend much time trying to sort out the discrepancy. And you might conclude that most evidence, especially from various online maps and addresses, indicates that Changjiang Village is the correct name. You could also find evidence suggesting Zhongxin was possibly an earlier name for the village and now applies to a nearby area. Perhaps the villagers could have clarified things for you. But you didn't ask while you were there, because you didn't yet have this question.

One thing is simple though. Only the 006 bus stops in this quiet, and probably often overlooked, village not far from a large reservoir and water park.

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