Monday, April 18, 2011

China Scenes: Nanning, Guangxi

After I finished my week of guest blogging for James Fallows in February, I left the city of Yulin which had provided much inspiration and was briefly in Nanning -- the capital of Guangxi.  While a much larger city and full of signs of rapid development, the city still has a charm of its own.  Like in many cities in Southwest China, the residents feel it has a more relaxed atmosphere than many of China's eastern coast cities.

Some Southeast Asian influence can be seen given the number of business ties and Nanning's proximity to the region.  In fact, when I left Nanning I was able to take a bus straight to Hanoi, Vietnam (my first experience upon arriving in Hanoi is here).  Well, actually two buses since you have to switch at the border.

Here are more photos capturing scenes of China that can be lost behind the headlines, these all from Nanning:


Apartments on a hazy day

Several modes of transportation

Yujiang River

Shop with the name "No Right Just Suitable"

Market on an "old street"

The "old street" could get rather crowded

Street intersection

Contrasting advertising signs

Bridge in a city park

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